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sleeping-all-the-demons-away asked: I was wondering if i could have a imagine with brad in, i dont know what about but surprise me! My names Kayleigh btw!x

Sorry for the long wait x

———————————— This is set obviously when you’re both older.

Brad is one of those boyfriends that is always setting up little dates for the two of you. No matter what the occasion or if he had serious jet lag, he would always be wanting to treat you. Sometimes it’d just be a walk around the block and other days he’d go all out and surprise you with a trip to the beach. This was one of those days.

He had been busy all day at the studio so you were home alone, you were used to it now seeing as he was on tour a lot and him and the boys had already began demos for their next album. You still hadn’t gotten used to his lifestyle and it had been the same for years.

Your friends had treated you to a day at the shopping centre whilst Brad was out and you had bought some amazing new outfits that you couldn’t wait to show Brad once you got home. You’d bought loads of cute new dresses, trousers and tops. You even bought yourself some more shoes, even if you already have a closet full.

It was around 7 pm once you got home a Brad was normally home by this time but he wasn’t so you had to wait a bit. You went upstairs into your bedroom to put your clothes away and found a note on your bed.

Hey babe, hope you enjoyed your shopping trip. Now pick your favourite outfit, put it on and go to my parents house. Love you Kayleigh xx

You smiled and got changed into a strapless navy maxi dress with patterns sewn in the top and came in at the waist and a pair of white sandals. You got in your car and drove the quick 10 minute journey to his parents house. You were greeted at the door by his mum who gave you a welcoming hug, it was normal for her to do this but this one was longer and a lot more loving than normal. She gave you another note from Brad and a beautiful bunch of red roses - your favourite flower. She gave you a loving smile and you made your way back to the car to read the note.

I hope you love the flowers, last stop now. Where did we have our first kiss? And many more after that…

You turned your engine on straight away and drove to the picturesque gardens in which you shared your first kiss. You had a look around and found the exact oak tree that the magic moment happened under. When you got there you found it to be decorated with fairy lights and a thick blanket at the bottom of it with cushions resting against the tree. There was also a table under a canopy that had a candle on it and two plates and wine glasses. So this is where he had been all day. You admired it and then you felt an arm snake slowly around your waist. A pair of lips that you know very well began slowly kissing up your neck before you were slowly turned around and your soul was stared into by a pair of beautiful brown eyes that you were lucky enough to see everyday.

"Hello there beautiful" he looked you up and down before continuing "beautiful outfit to match a beautiful woman".

You giggled at his cheesiness but you could also feel yourself blush. You put your head down and he lifted your head back up again and he smiled at you. You shared a passionate kiss before he took hold of your hand and lead you towards the table that was set up for you. He pulled out your chair for you and you sat down. He sat opposite you and a few seconds later the rest of The Vamps, James, Connor and Tristan, approached the table in smart waiter-like suits. They gave you both drinks and a lovely meal and you two ate and spoke about each other’s day. After you had finished the meal and the boys had took the plates away the two of you made your way over to the area under the tree and Brad sat down first and you sat down between his legs and leant against him. The two of you carried on speaking for another few minutes.

"Do you want a drink babe?" he sweetly offered.

"Yes please" you replied before moving over slightly so he could get up.

He began to stand up before coming back down again but this time on one knee in front of you. He smirked at you before reaching into his back pocket and bringing out a black velvet box. You gasped and covered your mouth as you began to feel tears forming in your eyes. He opened the box to reveal a beautiful diamond ring before speaking.

"Kayleigh, I think you know how you make me feel, I remind you a lot but I think… I know that it’s time I give you a permanent reminder because with my job I can’t be home with you all time that kills me but I want to make sure that you have something of me with you all time time. So Kayleigh will you marry me?"

You couldn’t speak. You were smiling ear to ear and tears were pouring out of your eyes. You nodded and he jumpeed onto you and began attacking you with kisses. He slowly slipped the ring onto your finger and you pulled him in for a long hug before you watched the sunset together from underneath what you now call ‘your tree’.

supercharly13 asked: hello there :) so my request was with connor ball from the vamps. I guess I have to describe myself? My name is Charlotte but everybody calls me Charly, I'm french and I'm sixteen. I love making people laugh and smile, I laugh all the time. At first impression, i seem all shy but when you know me I'm crazy haha. I was thinking about something with connor surprising me by visiting me? I really don't know, do what you want :) Thank you if you do it :)xx (i love your blog sooo much)

Thank you so much for liking my blog :) Sorry for the wait though xxxxxx

You were back at home with your parents for a few months whilst your boyfriend, Connor, was away on tour with The Vamps - meaning that you’d be alone in your apartment which you shared together and you just weren’t one who liked being alone. But that is exactly what you were at the moment. You’re parents had just left for work so you were left at home all day but the idea of just lounging around all day in a onesie made you excited. There you were, in the living room watching Hairspray. You were really getting into it and singing along to “Ladies Choice” when the power completely went out, the only light being from the window. You mentally screamed and felt around to try and find your phone. Once you’d finally found it you put on the flashlight and shined it around the house to try and find the mains switch for the house. You found it in the cupboard under the stairs, which for some reason the door to was open. You found the switch and discovered that that had been turned off. This wasn’t normal, it was always on. You turned it on and all the lights in the house came on. You heard a slight bang but you just assumed that it was someone next door so you made your way back into the living room.
After about an hour of watching movies and random rubbish on TV you began to have the impression that someone was watching you and it began to make you feel slightly uncomfortable. You quickly had a look around your room and no one was there so you ignored it. After about 5 more minutes of watching TV you felt a hand be placed upon your shoulder. You screamed, grabbed the closest thing which was a cushion off the sofa and hit it behind you. You heard a grown and a loud thump. You knelt up on the sofa and saw Connor lying on the floor holding his arm.
"Hi babe!…." he said.
"Sorry" you giggled before leaning over the back of the sofa a bit more.
"I kind of deserved that didn’t I" he laughed.
You nodded and climbed over the back of the sofa and landed ontop of him, he wrapped his arms around you and pulled you in for a tight embrace. You rested your head on his chest and he kissed the top of your head before slowly moving his hands down towards your bum and sliding his hands into your back pockets. You lifted your head up and smiled at him.
"I missed you Charly" he said before you could say the exact same to him.
"I missed you too" you said before your lips connected. As much as you want to kill Connor for some of the things he does, you will always love him.

idk-im-just-loving-life asked: Hey can i have an imagine with connor. ( I'm 15, my name is Gemma, I'm from Scotland, i have browny purply hair, love bands one of which is all time low) can you make it that he thinks I'm dating one of the other guys but I'm not we are just good friends..... I really don't know tbh... Thank you xx

Oh my god this is horrible, so sorry Gemma x

You’ve been friends with Tristan since forever and since he introduced you to the rest of The Vamps, you’ve become close friends with them all aswell - especially Connor. Today you and Connor went to an All Time Low concert, just the two of you. Originally it would of been all of you, but the other boys had plans. You were standing in the queue to get into the venue and it was slightly awkward as it had never just been you two together before. The occasional fan came up to Connor which you didn’t mind as you were used to it. Once the final crowd of fans had left to join the end of the line, you decided to finally speak.
"I hate lines.. They’re so boring. All I want to do it get inside!" you said half annoyed, half excited. Connor chuckled at you before putting his arm around your shoulder and pats it before dropping his arm down by his side and slipping his hand into his pocket - in all honesty that upset you slightly.
"I agree. Anyway. It’s moving now so you’ll be getting inside soon" the line began to move as he said this and you walked with the line until you were about 10 people from the door. You’re phone began to vibrate in you’re pocket and you took it out to looked at the caller ID, Tristan.
"Who is it?" Connor questioned.
"Tris" you said before answering it. You thought you saw a slight look of disappointment on Connor’s face but you shrugged it off.
"Hey Tris!"
"Hey Gemma, where are you?"
"At the concert…"
"Oh yeah! Who with?"
"Oh okay, well.." He chucked a bit which puzzled you slightly. "Have fun!"
"Thanks" you laugh.
"Well I’ll speak to you later"
"Yep, byeeee"
Well that was short and sweet. You put your phone away before looking up at Connor who was smiling down at you.
"Tris was just asking where we were"
"He knows where we are?.."
"Yeah I thought that when he said it"
Then, once again, silence took over for a few minutes and the line moved forward again. This time you were allowed into the venue. Once you got in, you and Connor stood near the back and got some drinks before heading towards the crowd, you first because you were smaller.
"Do you want to get near the front?" Connor said as he looked down at you. You nodded and he stood behind you, giving you his drink so he could guide you through the crowd. He placed his hands on your waist, making you tingle inside, and he walked you through the slowly growing crowd. Luckily there were not that many people inside yet so you easily got up to the barrier. Once you were there Connor took his hands from around your waist and stood next to you, once again you were slightly disappointed when he took his hands from around you. You passed him his drink and looked down at your phone to see the time, and also a lot of texts from Tristan - although this was normal.. you text each other stupid things all the time. You saw Connor look down at you phone and let out a sigh.
"Connor" you said mimicking his voice causing a chuckle from him.
"Are you and Tristan.. dating?" He looked down as he said this so his voice was quiet but you heard him fine.
"What? No no! Defiantly not. That’d be like incest, he’s like a brother to me". He sighed a sigh of relief and smiled.
"Phew, that’s made my day" he looked into your eyes.
"Why’d you ask anyway?"
"Because… well…" he became speechless for an unknown reason and began to lean in. You didn’t hesitate and leaned in aswell. You’re lips met and you could feel fireworks go off inside you. A boy that you’ve loved since you met him was kissing you. It was a short but passionate kiss before pulled away suddenly and looked down.
"Connor, there is nothing to be sorry about. Why’d you think I kissed back?"
"I really like you Gemma. Since Tris introduced you to me, I’ve loved you. I just always thought you and him were together and was slightly jealous of the bond you two have but now that I know that it’s like a brother/sister relationship. Will you please be my girlfriend?" he looked hopeful as he said this and you felt warm inside because he looked so cute! You nodded and he hugged you and kissed your head.
"I know we haven’t even been dating a minute but I love you".
"I love you too" and with that Connor placed his arm around your waist and it wasn’t going to be removed anytime soon.

sleeping-all-the-demons-away asked: I was wondering if you could create an imagine for me with Brad from the vamps, i dont know what about surprise me! Btw my names Kayleigh

I couldn’t think of a plot so I took ‘surprise me’ into mind :) Hope it was worth the wait :) x

I hated this, but at the same time I loved it. I hated it because I’m away from Brad, it sucks really. I don’t have anyone to cuddle at night or to complain about TV shows with. But I love it because he’s out there living his dream. I feel useless in the sense that I don’t do anything, I go to college in the early morning then come back at 4 and just sit at home in my onesie watching TV waiting for the night to fall so I can go to sleep and repeat the same process the next day and on weekends I do the same just instead of college I take a trip to the living room.

Today was just an average day. I was sat in a boring lecture, listening to things that I already knew and before long the final bell of the day rang out. I put my stuff in my bag, said goodbye to my friends and put my earphones in and walked home. I opened the door and noticed a letter on the floor and on the front was written, ‘Kayleigh’. I straight away recognized the hand writing and opened it up to find a letter inside.

My darling girlfriend, Kayleigh,

not long until I get back now. In all honesty I wish they’d cancel some of the last events we need to attend so I can be back with you, holding you in my arms - it’s all I need right now. I won’t keep you waiting because you’re probably standing in the doorway, with the door open, getting cold. I’ll be home in 10 days baby, love you.

Brad xx

p.s. Once you’ve read this and closed the front door, call James :) x

After reading the p.s. you raised your eyebrow in confusion, kicking the door closed behind you. You took off your coat, put your bag down and took your phone out of your pocket, unplugging the earphones which still had music playing through them. You found James’ contact number and dialed it.


'Hey James, I was told to call you?'

'Yep, okay do you remember the place where I first introduced you and Brad to each other?'

You smiled thinking back to the day where James (who you’ve known for ages) introduced you to the rest of his band in a corner cafe, that was when you first experienced love at first sight and you could even tell then, before you had even told Brad you’re name, that you were not going to have to experience it again.

'Yes I do, like it was yesterday'.

You heard him laugh lightly before he replied.

'Well I need you to go back, sit in the exact spot we sat and order the exact same drink, got it?'.

'Go back, sit in the same place and get the same drink. Yep got it, what's all this for anyway McVey?'

He laughed once again, 'You'll find out in due course'.

You laughed and said goodbye before hanging up, putting your coat on once again and heading to the corner cafe. 

Once you arrived you looked over to the window seat that bought back many memories and walked towards the seat and sat down. A waiter came over to you and you ordered your favourite hot chocolate with cream and chocolate sprinkles. The waitress smiled at you mysteriously and walked off to prepare your order. You shrugged it off and stared out the window watching the world go by before you heard the clinks of a mug being placed on the table.

One hot chocolate with cream and chocolate sprinkles for a fine young lady’.

You straight away recognized the Birmingham accent and looked up to see Brad standing next to you. You’re eyes widened and you quickly jumped up, nearly knocking the table up in the process, and wrapped your arms around his neck, hugging him tightly.

Oh my god Brad, I’ve missed you so much’

'I've missed you too baby but you're almost killing me'

You giggled before loosening your grip slightly. He looked down to you and kissed you passionately.

'I didn't think you had any days off?'

'My wishes came true, they had to reschedule a few of the events so we had a few days off so I thought, why not come and surprise you

You smiled once again before kissing him again.

'One more thing though, I couldn't bare the past month without you, and I don't think after this I can bare another two weeks without you so please please please come with me. And don't worry about college, you can take online classes. But please don't put me through being without you again, it's too hard'

You pretended to think about it and he pouted at you slightly. You couldn’t hold a serious face any longer so you smiled at him and nodded.

'Of course I will, I can't go through being without you again either'.

As you said earlier, you loved that he was living his dream. But you loved it even more when you could be with him whilst he did.


Oh my god I’m nearly at 400 followers. 20 to go. As you may have noticed, I’m updating a bit more frequently now. I’ve got about 18 requests left to do before my inbox opens again. I will either write in the car on the way home from this party I’m at but definitely on Monday night. I can’t update tomorrow because I’m going to see All Time Low! :D

hopelesshxmmo asked: Could i have an imagine with beau brooks from the janoskians please? My name's salwa. Xx

Sorry for the wait x

Beau had been acting quite suspicious lately and you, as usual, feared for the worst. He was going to break up with you. You spent the whole day at work trying to think why. Why would he break up with you, you’ve been nothing but faithful to him. You’d asked the other boys about what was going on and they all replied with, ‘I don’t know’. Although you weren’t 100% convinced with any of them due to the tone that they said it in. Beau wasn’t going to be home until around 9pm because he was filming with the boys so you decided to try and change his mind. You cooked him up some Spagetti Bolognaise along with some other sides, such as onion rings, samosas and chips/fries. You had done things like this for Beau in the past and he’d liked it so hopefully it would work again. You didn’t want to overdo it so he thought that you were desperate for him to take you back but as a little treat you decided to add a few scented candles around the room, but as you lit them quite often, the whole thing wouldn’t look overdone. About 5 minutes after you had finished cooking you heard the door open and close again. You turned around to see Beau stood behind you in the doorway. You smiled at him and he returned it, but with a half-smile and walked over to you and lightly kissed your cheek. He shuffled around awkwardly before speaking.
"Smells nice babe" he said as he picked up a few chips/fries and eating them.
"Just thought I’d treat you, you’ve had a long day" you smiled before laying down the plate of food on the table and moving away allowing him to sit down.
"Are you not eating?" you heard him say as you walked away to pick up your plate which he obviously hadn’t seen. You didn’t answer and walked back to the table, sitting opposite him. He mumbled an ‘oh’ and began eating.
"Mhmmm. Salwa this is really good, you need to teach me this recipe. There’s something about your spagetti bolognaise that just makes it better than the rest". You chuckled and tapped your nose as if to say that it’s a secret. He sighed and fake sulked before laughing. It took around 15 minutes for you both to finish your meals, as well as talking about your day. He helped you clean the plates before leaving you and going upstairs to your bedroom. You thought to yourself, come on Beau if you’re going to break up with me do it now..
You watied a while but he didn’t come downstairs so you went upstairs to find a trail of rose petals. You raised an eyebrow in confusion and followed the trail into your and his shared bedroom. The curtains were drawn shut and there were candles on each of the shelves. Beau was standing in the middle of the room, once again shufflying around awkwardly. This couldn’t be a break up, it was too romantic.
He walked over to you and held onto your wrist walking you towards the bed. He sat you down and sat next to you at an angle.
"I’ve been needing to do something for a long time now but I couldn’t bring myself to gain enough confidence to" he looked you straight in the eye as he said this, "Salwa we’ve been together for what? Five years. And honestly they have been the best five years of my life. I can’t imagine being with anyone else because frankly no one else would be able to put up with me as well as you do. As all relationships do, we’ve had our ups and downs but I think thats what makes us stronger" he smiled at you before standing up and getting down onto one knee infront of you. You gasped and covered you’re mouth in shock. A smile appearing underneath. He got a small black box out of his pocket and opend to to reveal a beautiful diamond ring.
"Salwa Y/L/N. You’ve already gave me all the happiness could ever need but could you please make me even happier by becoming Salwa Brooks? Will you marry me?" he said looking at you with a large, but cute, smile on his face. You were in complete shock. All this time you had been thinking that he was goig to break up with you when infact he watned to marry you. You couldn’t get any words out so you just nodded. He gently slid the perfeclty fitting ring onto your finger and stood up before leaping ontop of you, wrapping his arms around you. He kissed you multiple times before you both changed into your pyjamas and cuddled up together in bed. You can’t believe you were going to marry this man. You kept staring at your ring to ensure yourself that you weren’t dreaming and whenever you did this, Beau would bring your hand up to his lips and kiss it and say, "It’s real babe, you’re going to be Mrs Brooks" and smile at you.

bandimagination-deactivated2014 asked: Hello! Could I have an imagine with Connor from The Vamps? My name is Shanie :) x

A slightly long one today :D

Today was Connor’s day off and you had arranged to go for a day out but you’re both completely stuck for ideas as to where you should go. He had gathered up some brochures that his parents had given him and you were short listing the ones that seemed interesting and separating them from the ones that seemed boring, like golf and touristy stuff. Eventually it was left to the theme park, zoo or go karts. You really wanted to go to the zoo but because Connor had been away for ages you were going to see what he wanted to do.
“Well Shanie, to be honest I really want to go to the zoo” he laughed, “I mean come on, they have a reptile centre!” You laughed and nodded, “I was really hoping you’d say the zoo” he grinned at you and kissed you lightly on the head before putting the rest of the brochures away.
“I was thinking because if we went to the theme park or go karting we wouldn’t of had much time to speak as we’d be doing other things and I really want to hear about how tour was and what sort of things you did”. He smiled and said that he agreed. You rang for a taxi and you both charged upstairs to get your shoes on and you quickly put a few essentials in a backpack. As it wasn’t a very cold day you just decided to wear one of Connors
large t-shirts from the Drop Dead clothing range with some short black leggings underneath with a thin cardigan, with doc martens on your feet. And Connor looked dapper in a white t-shirt layered with his red checkered shirt and some jeans and doc martens, that matched yours. It only took the taxi about 2 minutes to arrive at your house because the taxi rank was only a few blocks away. Once you arrived, Connor paid the taxi and dragged you towards the ticket stand whilst you both giggled. You bought your tickets and went inside and stood by a large map.
“I’m not even going to ask where you want to go first because I can guess” you said looking up at him to find him grinning down at you. He laughs and you walk towards the reptile centre, he runs in and whilst your still walking to the entrance you hear him shout,
“SHANIE THERE ARE LOADS OF REX’S” you giggle at this but can’t help but cringe thinking that there are other people in there. You enter to see that he was in fact the only person in there so it felt like a giant weight had been lifted off of your shoulders. You went up to him as he was standing by the clear window into the exhibit and wrapped your arms around his waist and held him tightly.
“I love you Connor” you said.
“I love you too Shanie, even more” he said looking over his shoulder smiling down at you. You stayed in this position for a few minutes before pulling away to take a picture of him with the lizards. Once you took it he pulled you towards him and took out his phone before going onto the camera and switching it to the front camera. He bent down slightly to your height and you both smiled into the camera. Once he took it you both looked at it and smiled.
“I like that one” you said. He stood up straight and he began typing. A few seconds later your phone dinged and you went on it to see that Connor had posted the picture on twitter and Instagram; “Best coming home present ever, a fun day out with Shanie. Couldn’t ask for anything or anyone else. Love you baby :)”. You smiled and walked over to him before gently kissing his soft lips. The rest of the day consisted of a lot of photo taking, messing around, kissing, hugging and a lot more trips to the reptile house. In all honesty, it was one of the best days out that you and Connor had ever been on.

bradsbanana asked: Hey :)) Can I have a Brad imagine where he is my best friend but he secretly has a crush on me? 💕 Xx Vanessa. Thank u. ☺️

Sorry for the wait, hope it was worth it. x

I was sat on Vanessa’s bed in her hotel room, her suitcase all packed and ready by the door for her flight in a few hours. She had come to visit us in America before she was set to start University meaning that I wouldn’t be able to see her as much as I can now, which isn’t much anyway. I really don’t want her to go. She was currently lying next to me listening to music on her ipod, resting her head on my lap. She’s beautiful but why can’t I just tell her. She has been my best friend for a long long time now and I’ve loved her for the past three years. I guess I’m scared of loosing that strong bond that we have, as friends. I began playing with her hair which was sprawled out over my lap and she looked up at me and smiled. She then turned back to look at her ipod. I sighed lightly. She stood up and walked over to the TV and flicked through the channels before we both decided on the Big Bang Theory, none of my attention was on the screen though, it was all on Vanessa. I loved watching her smile, her smile lit up my whole world. I wonder if she feels the same? We got through about one and a half episodes of the series before Vanessa stood up and said that it’s probably best that she heads to the airport because she needs to check in, go through security and all that jazz. I had previously offered to take her to the airport but we were booked into the studio last minute, thanks Joe. I picked her suitcase up for her and carried it up to the door. She turned around and pulled me in for a tight hug. I pulled her closer and wrapped my arms around her waist. We stood in this exact position for a few minutes before pulling away slightly. I looked at her in the eye and I thought, why not? I just went for it. I leaned in and kissed her. I tightened my arms around her waist even more. She seemed shocked at first but she began kissing me back. I smiled into the kiss before pulling away and staring right at her.
"I’ve wanted to do that for a long time" I said looking at her smiling.
"To be honest Brad, so have I". I grinned like an idiot when she said this. I leaned in once again and kissed her some more. She pulled away and looked down with a sad look on her face. I gently pushed her had back up and tucked some hair behind her ear.
"Whats wrong hun?"
"I just wish that this happened earlier, I mean I’ve got to go home how and we won’t see eachother for ages."
"We’ll make it work. We will. I’ll travel as much and for as long as I need to just to get to see you." She smiled up at me and stood on her tip-toes and kissed me gently on the lips.
"Wait a minute.. so what are we now?" she looks at me.
"What’d you mean?"
"Like in our relationship, you still haven’t asked me…"
I smiled, looked her in the eye and said, “Vanessa, will you be my girlfriend?”
She nodded and I kissed her once more.
"I love you Vanessa"
"I love you too"
She had to leave 10 minutes after but we skyped everyday since and I have tried to visit her as much as I can. I’ve never been more happy.